Photo of the Week: January 16-2015

Cape Breton Photo of the Week: Pond hockey in L'Ardoise

Pond hockey

L’Ardoise – The winter months can be as good for the soul as it can be a downer too. Sometimes all it takes is to call on a few buddies and get out there and enjoy the fresh air! On cold January days, it’s always a pleasure to see and hear such enthusiasm on this otherwise quiet and undisturbed pond.  Check out the Cape Breton Living webcam East View where you might spot a few kids (and some big kids at heart) taking advantage of the ice for a good old game of pond hockey…

Cape Breton Island is a small island on the northeast tip of Nova Scotia, Canada. No matter where you are on this picturesque island, no matter where you look, one will find a picture perfect occasion to capture a slice of Nova Scotia’s masterpiece.
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