Cape Breton Webcams

The Cape Breton Living webcams are no longer live updating. The webcam system that I had going for 20+ years is down. For now, there will only be a new image uploaded at irregular intervals. We’ll see how that goes 🙂

Follow these links for other webcams of the area…

Cape Breton Webcams

N.S. Highway Cameras– 14 cameras covering Cape Breton Island including Monastry and Trafalgar.
North Sydney Harbour Cam – Webcam updates every minute
Nova Scotia Webcams – Meat Cove – Meat Cove Campgound
Nova Scotia Webcams – Highlands Links #1– Ingonish Beach
Nova Scotia Webcams – Highlands Links #12– Ingonish Beach
Nova Scotia Webcams – Fortress of Louisbourg
Nova Scotia Webcams – Baddeck Wharf – Baddeck Harbourfront with Government Wharf
Nova Scotia Webcams – Inverary Resort Baddeck
Nova Scotia Webcams – View of the Sea Cottages– Boularderie Island View of the Bras d’Or Lakes and Kelly’s Mountain


Sunrise April 4, 2024

24 thoughts on “Cape Breton Webcams”

  1. Just wondering if any webcams will be added to the other side of Cape Breton.Inverness golf courses,Mabou (anywhere in that area)Port Hood beaches,Cheticamp harbour, etc. Etc……I believe the Island also has another side.

    1. There used to be a webcam located in Chéticamp at a cultural centre but I believe is no longer there. You might try to request that Nova Scotia Webcams add one (or 2) on the west side of Cape Breton. You’re absolutely right, it would be nice to see. Here’s the link

      1. Yes,there used to be one at The Trois Pignons in Cheticamp,but the wind took it off and it was never replaced.

  2. Hi, I’d like to suggest that Sydney Harbour needs a webcam. I would enjoy watch the comings and goings.

    1. I agree with you Chuck, that would be a great location for the Nova Scotia Webcams to consider for a new site! I think the Canso Causeway would also be a great spot for a webcam.

    1. Thank you Kenneth for the suggestion. I’ve added a link to the Nova Scotia Webcams – Meat Cove Campground. It’s definitely an awesome view and worth a visit!

  3. Hello, my name is Caroll, and I’m from Mexico, my husband, my 2 kids and I are thinking about migrate to Cape Breton, recently we saw some posts mentioning that the Cape needs people, so I’m wondering if I can get some more info about this. I’m an Industrial, interior and furniture designer, and my husband is a PhD on telematics, I hope I hear from you
    Best Regards

  4. My wife and I, along with our dog, are traveling from North Carolina at the end of June for a two week stay on Cape Breton Island. I have begun monitoring the weather there and very much enjoy visiting various sites on Cape Breton through the webcams you have access to on your website. The live pictures enhance our anticipation for visiting the beautiful island.

    1. Thank you Michael for your comment! Let’s hope for fine weather when you come to visit Cape Breton. Checking out the webcams is a great way to monitor the weather, might I just add that late June is usually still a tad cool so light jackets might come in handier than a bathing suit… Hope you, your wife and your dog have a wonderful visit!

      1. Thank you for the information. Cooler temperatures will be wonderful. We will be leaving Carolina Piedmont temperatures that are typically in the lower to mid 30 degrees C at the end of June, so we will come prepared and will enjoy every minute of cooler temperatures.

  5. I have family history in L’Ardoise, Cape Breton (my Meme’s Sampson line -my father’s mother’s branch of the family). So I’ve spent many times looking at pics of this area and absolutely love it. It would awesome if I could “return to my homeland” and live in and be part of this picturesque land.

    1. Katie, I hope you do get to return to L’Ardoise, the Sampsons are still going strong here! All the best and maybe see you here on this picturesque piece of Cape Breton 🙂

    2. My Grandfather was Murdoch Sampson from L’Ardoise, he had a brother Freddy and two sisters Katie and Theresa. His father was Lawrence. They moved to Dominion which is where I grew up. When my Mother got married it was in Arichat. Myself I seldom visited the area and therefore missed out on that part of my heritage. It is a beautiful place.

      1. Dennis, I agree, L’Ardoise and the area definitely is a beautiful place. You’ll find many with the name Sampsons in L’Ardoise…

  6. Thank you Rudy! It’s wonderful to hear that you’ve been checking out the webcams since 2001, the site has gone through quite a few changes since then! Hope that one day you will have the opportunity to visit Cape Breton Island in person…..

    1. Yes! I truly hope that day will come soon. Anything below 70 degrees F is cold to me, so I just hope I can survive those cold, blustery Cape Breton Island winters! lol I will keep listening to the beautiful music of the Island to inspire me. I still listen to one of my favorite artists from there, Aselin Debison. She hasn’t recorded anything lately, but that doesn’t stop me from listening to her first recordings. I often listen to The Coast 89.7 FM in Glace Bay and they play some great music from CBI. Yes, one day, I hope to travel the Cabot Trail and perhaps make my home there….looking out into the sea. 🙂

  7. I have been viewing these two webcams periodically in L’Ardoise since about 2001, and have enjoyed watching the seasons come and go. Everything from winter’s snow covered grounds to the fall foliage to the beautiful green grass in summer. I’ve never been to Nova Scotia but I have a deep passion for the scenery. Some day, perhaps, I will take a trip to this beautiful province, and with a bit of luck, make my home there. Thank you for broadcasting!!

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