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Cape Breton Living was created back in 1997, when the Internet was something very new to me. It started with a dial-up account with Sympatico. With this account, free webspace was available, so the first thing I created was a page about my family (Samson & Samson), then it evolved into everything Cape Breton. Over the years, I’ve added and updated the whole site to what it is today – Cape Breton Living!

The Cape Breton Living website hosts 2 scenic webcams of the beautiful surroundings on the southeastern shores of Cape Breton Island, Nova scotia.

It is also the place to find everything about this friendly island from the hills of the Cabot Trail to the 2 mile long beach of Point Michaud with stories, photos and visitor’s information


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  1. It is about Trump where can I find a cost of living info, stores etc, My mom was born in Montreal. Came to the states as an infant was a US citizen
    thank you

  2. Hi,I’m mark.im from seattle,or was.im at a point where I want to find a new place to call home.ive known about this area for awhile now,it’s not a trump thing either.im in Portland Maine presently.im straddling the fence so to speak.im not far from just deciding to come up and risk it.i just want that sense of living in a community that I lost long ago.whoever reads this thank you

  3. Hello,


    My name is Annella Mendoza. I visited Cape Breton last month and am putting together a memory book via my Facebook account. It was a very memorable visit, but unfortunately, I do not have all the photos that I now wish to include.

    I am requesting your permission for me to use the photo of the Cape Breton bridge on the Canso Causeway, as published in your home page. This will be for personal use only, not to be commercialized. Rest assured that I will include a credit line to acknowledge your permission.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

    Best regards


    1. Hello Annella,
      Please feel free to use any photo you wish. Thank you for asking, it’s always nice to hear from the visitors and that the photos are being appreciated!

  4. Good afternoon,

    I have a lot questions about Cape Breton.
    Can I contact you?

    kind regards

    Jennifer Kennet

  5. Cecile
    A group in Gabarus has formed the Gabarus Lightkeepers Society and is in negotiations with Oceans & Fisheries to take over the lighthouse on Harbour Point. As part of brainstorming a question of installing a webcam so others can enjoy the view and changing seasons was discussed. Unfortunately non of us are familiar with the technology. I have always enjoyed the views from your place. So I am seeking assistance. What to do and who to see?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Peter McGillen
    122 Harbour Point Rd
    Gabarus, Cape Breton

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