Photo of the Week Memories: April 2019 Chapel Cove Rd

Chapel Cove Rd L’Ardoise –
This photo was posted as Photo of the Week on April 12, 2019

On this sunny spring day, I’m taking advantage of it to go for a walk. The big decision at the time was taking the trail or sticking to the road? I was walking with the wind at my back, so either the open road or sheltered path didn’t make any difference. I took the paved road, just because I might avoid getting my boots full of mud somewhere along the dirt trail. Making it a mindfulness moment. This photo was posted as Photo of the Week on April 12,2019

Cape Breton Living Photo of the Week: Sunny Spring Day - L'Ardoise Posted April 12, 2019

Chapel Cove Rd. This photo was posted as Photo of the Week on April 12, 2019. Photo of the week is taking a break, but please come back to view The best of past Photos of the Week!

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